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"How important are first party games to a console?"

Alpha & Omega!

Single player games, means services dont really matter much at all for me.
You can keep the hardware, and games, and swap systems if you feel you get much better offerings on the otherside.
That said, I lean heavly towards Playstation and nintendo..... and thats mainly because of the games, but at this point its like "I like things here" type of deal.

Xbox would need to have like all the rpgs, and jrpgs, ontop of better first party support, than playstation, for me to even consider a swap.
Like I said, I care very little for multiplayer. I just dont see xbox ever changeing its ways. So its not gonna happend.

Stadia? nah, Im not gonna stream games.
Why would you want or need to stream a single player game? even if arguably its probably what it would do best on (ei. rpgs).

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 30 June 2020