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Trunkin said:

As it is, I appreciate what the game did for Ellie's character, but I don't really get how Abby's entire 10hr storyline fits in as a sort of "other side of the coin" to Ellie's. I mean, I don't feel like the game really delved into how killing Joel impacted Abby. Was she relieved? Empty inside? Disgusted? The game doesn't dwell on it. She just kind of...moves on to the next thing. I think they wasted the chance to really explore that whole issue from Abby's perspective, as a person who's sort of on the other side of the revenge plot that's driving Ellie so powerfully. Instead they spend too much time dwelling on her relationship with Owen, which feels totally tangential to what I thought was the main point of the game.

I would've written her entire story differently, but,with things exactly as they were, had she died at the end, bringing all her noble actions up to this point to waste, all as a result of her revenge... I wouldn't have liked it, but I think it would've fit a little better.

 I don't think Abby was supposed to be "the other side of the coin" IMO. She was supposed to be exactly like Ellie. Someone willing to sacrifice everything to get revenge. At the end I think if you asked them both they would say they sacrificed to much. Abby lost everyone just to get revenge for her dad's death and I'm pretty sure she was raped before she was thrown on that pole if were being honest.

Ellie got off easier here IMO but Joel was tortured in front of her eyes while Abby's father died quickly and without her having to witness it.