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KratosLives said:
Spoiler text.Let's talk ending here, past end credits. What do you think of the demise of abby and Lev? we know she arrives to catalina island and docks there. However i recall during the beach chapter, when you enter some room, you see a map of the nearby island/places. Now i can't recall if the dome like building that the "firefly" guy mentioned over the call, was present on that map. If it was, then those rattlers" who ran that place, might then also be running that area in catalina island.  Maybe a dlc in the future shows us what abby/lev got up to, if they survived the island, if it was fireflies or if they were fooled by the "rattlers" .

I think you are reading way too much into into it. The title screen pretty much dictates what happened to them. Kurt Margenau (co director of the game) said this when they were talking to PressStart -


“That’s actually a very common question [whether Abby fell for a ruse by the Rattlers],” Kurt began. “Did you beat the game and see the new screen? An eagle-eyed viewer would note that it is actually Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles, where the Firefly camp is meant to be.”

and then continues ...

“The fact that they ask Abby on the radio about who operated the Firefly base and she answers that it was her dad, for us that was the validation of that,” he explained. “It shows they’re more cautious of her and were testing her legitimacy as a Firefly. But, as I said, it’s a common question, and it’s unfortunate because it’s meant to be a hopeful beat.” 

Its like a callback from the first game. The imagery shown at the end shows sign of hope and new start. Possibly a new beginning for that should ND continue the story.

This game feels like it was a send off to both Joel and Ellie, both concluding their stories.

Last edited by hinch - on 30 June 2020