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I think you can't count out MS that easy. I don't see the Series X doing that much worse than the Xbox one when it literally was HATED since it was announced and they really f**ked their PR for the first years while sony mastered it. This time there is more of a shared excitement sure a little most on the PS side (coming off the PS4 that's normal) but i think we should wait for the MS conference and the prices. Locals are easy to change side and a really nice conference from MS can turn things around in the US atleast.

I also don't think the 2 consoles combined will fall that much WW. Maybe the Switch could impact a little since last gen the Wii U flopped but i doubt the impact will be that big.

I would say just based on current hype and expecting higher prices : 90 millions PS5 and 65 millions of Xbox series X
But again, things can really turn around.