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Hynad said:

Finished it this week-end. Felt drained. Will collect my thoughts and post them here later.

I did like the game, its story, and the way it was told.

Still wish we had another game with Ellie and Joel though, because I enjoyed their dynamic quite a bit in the first game. But I understand what they went for, and for me, it worked. The game's writing was very good. And I think people say it's bad because the story wasn't what they expected or wanted for those characters. That or they couldn't understand the characters' motivations and emotional states... And as far as the SJW stuff is concerned, I didn't find anything in this game worth going ballistic. At all.

Man, I'm emotionally exhausted.  And I was just playing a game...

I think a standalone expansion with Joel and Tommy would be even better, be it pre TLOU1 or the growing of Jackson. That way people that really wanted to play more as Joel could feel satisfied.

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