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Leynos said:

Wasn't a fad. Switch pro controller and Dual Shock 4 and Dual Sense have them built-in. VR uses them and so do phones. It's clearly still around. Just not as important as adding the analog stick. It's more like rumble. Quite a few games use it. Not every game needs them sure. It's just an extra feature now. MS still uses AA batts tho so they are not a great example.

Dual Sense has motion controls. Of course it does. BC with PS4 and you know it will have VR. The video mentions motion control. So your thread is kinda pointless.

Sure it is still around. But nothing like the promise of being the future of Gaming and making traditional controllers obsolete. And Switch is just accelerometer, far from the pointer of wiimote and the motion capture Kinect was capable.

Even Nintendo that was bringing motion controls as core of the gaming experience didn't stick to it with Wii U.