iron_megalith said:
hinch said:

Maybe because the flaws aren't as big as some people make it out to be. If a game is enjoyable and is entertaining then it shouldn't matter. I could point in glaring plot holes in my favourite games and movies but as long as it doesn't distract then all is kosher.

Not according to a lot of people. And then there's this disconnect again that we've seen in with the likes of Joker, TLJ etc where there are lot of generalizing going on from both sides.

But it does make me curious how reviewers really approach this and why is there such a huge disparity between players and critics. They shat on The Joker so hard parotting things that the film gives power to incel terrorists yet the majority of the people were able to connect with the character. With this game, a lot of people are having a really hard time with approaching Abby, yet a lot of the critics didn't seem to get this problem or have never even mentioned it. It's like those group of people forgot that a lot of the fans were attached with Joel and Ellie.

Seriously, If I hadn't seen any leaks of this game I personally would have felt that the whole game has been taken as a hostage from me. You want the ending? You play a lot of Abby. Thank you for your $60 sir.

I`ll just say that people that couldn`t understand Abby killing Joel and because of that hated playing as her just lack imagination. You played the whole first game, you know that Joel have killed a lot of people, you have Ellie saying that is useless to speculate who could have killed him (group) as he have crossed to many people and groups. And it ended up being the most obvious group that wanted revenge.

My qualm with Abby isn`t she taking revenge on Joel but being dumb to let Ellie, Tommy and co alive to also revenge on her and the total lack of planning capability (she just wanted to invade Jackson and see how things would play out). But playing with her was better than with Ellie most of time, even more for people that hated the love bird talk between Ellie and Dina.

John2290 said:

Chapter select is an annoying mess with a two minute load time and no consistant save file so my streak of platinuming Sony's heavy hitters ends here. Shame.

Man you must have not seem the tip I gave you.

To platinum you`ll need almost 2 gamethroughs because to max both Ellie and Abby and weapons you need to finish Ellie side and then a little on Abby to have all the parts and pills. Also you need to keep a manual save file from the finished game so you can load any chapter you wish (you have to first load the manual ending and then chose the chapter, or you could go backwards on chapter select so you don`t block any chapter). But I agree it was very badly done.

They should have kept the Uncharted way, all collectibles are always show for you on your in game menu and the quantity per chapter (not day) available on main menu. Much easier to track things down. Luckly I got 90% of collectibles on the first play, so on the second one I`m using guide to pick all of Ellies on the mandatory part and then after I get Abby maxed I`ll look what I`m missing and then hand pick chapter (or just finish second play).

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