hinch said:

Well, as with any medium, its all subjective.

Its a well put together game and got high critic reviews because of it. Most major gaming reviewers have liked it and have not let issues get in the way of their enjoyment. If you didn't well that's fine as well, sell the game and move on lol Wish I could do the same thing at the Cinema at some of the shit movies I've seen.

The reason I brought up Pewds earlier is because he was one of the big streamers that never indulged in any spoilers and is known to be a fan of the first game. So it was interesting to see him go in blind through the whole thing.

You can't really fault fans to place some sort of expectations on the sequel and hold it to a specific standard. Before the leaks came to be, fans were expecting this to be continuation of Joel and Ellie's story. But that's not what really happened and you are forced to play a character that you are not invested in.

That's the reason why I think this would have been much better if Abby had her own game first to ease in this story. Kinda like Lost Legacy. It is its own thing that's within the same universe which can connect to Joel and Ellie's story.

At this point, it kinda comes off as distasteful play of fan's expectations and just leveraging on Joel and Ellie as a character in order to introduce Abby's story.

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