hinch said:
iron_megalith said:

If only majority weren't dismissive about the flaws and didn't use the bigot card so hard on people criticizing them for the perfect score.

I've seen people give it fair views. Someone just posted Jim Sterling's review which was pretty fair.

Maybe because the flaws aren't as big as some people make it out to be. If a game is enjoyable and is entertaining then it shouldn't matter. I could point in glaring plot holes in my favourite games and movies but as long as it doesn't distract then all is kosher.

Not according to a lot of people. And then there's this disconnect again that we've seen in with the likes of Joker, TLJ etc where there are lot of generalizing going on from both sides.

But it does make me curious how reviewers really approach this and why is there such a huge disparity between players and critics. They shat on The Joker so hard parotting things that the film gives power to incel terrorists yet the majority of the people were able to connect with the character. With this game, a lot of people are having a really hard time with approaching Abby, yet a lot of the critics didn't seem to get this problem or have never even mentioned it. It's like those group of people forgot that a lot of the fans were attached with Joel and Ellie.

Seriously, If I hadn't seen any leaks of this game I personally would have felt that the whole game has been taken as a hostage from me. You want the ending? You play a lot of Abby. Thank you for your $60 sir.

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