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mjk45 said:
DroidKnight said:
I stopped playing my Xbox One X about 8 months ago because it no longer would connect to my internet without having to use an ethernet cable. I've been playing my Switch. In order to start prepping for the console releases I was going to zap my info from some extra PS4's in case I decide to sell some of them off, and my Xbox One X. Just for kicks I checked to see if it would connect to my internet wirelessly and it did! I did my console updates and am currently installing MCC and updates and got through the first 2 missions on CE (man the memories). I'm not gonna play them chronological by Halo timeline, but by the order I played them in the past.

In the past I only beat Halo 2, and 3, I don't remember how far I got in CE, and 4, ODST, and Reach I only played the online multi-player. I purchased Halo 5 when I got my One X but it is still in plastic. I wasn't going to mess with any of my Xbox games until the next gen. consoles released but with my console now working properly and when I saw this thread I decided to do the same. I'm hoping to get through 3 of them in the next week or two.

So why do you think the Xbox One X  wireless worked after 8 months of non use, was it a placement problem causing signal blocking ?

I remember at the time, it wouldn't detect internet period like it couldn't scan for it, then it would come up with an error screen about a mac address something or other.  Moving the device for several days to different locations did not alleviate the issue.  I went ahead and reset the unit to its original factory condition.  Nothing I did worked.  It seemed like a hardware issue.  My conclusion (just a theory) is I had devices competing for the connection and one knocked the other one completely off somehow.  Somebody wasn't playing nice. I would have had 4 apple devices, a few PS4's connected at the same time.  I'm thinking the Xbox tried to mess with another device, or something interfered with it.  That in turn caused a defense mechanism to kick in somewhere and some devices went offensive and Xbox went defensive. Since then I have disconnected the PS4's because I haven't been using them.  I connected the Switch which wasn't connected before, and I'm still running the same Apple products.  If it was a hardware issue it shouldn't just start magically working now.  I still think it was software related even though I zapped it as well.

...and back to my post on the way that I'm playing through the Halos.  I played each one on their original release dates (except for the plastic wrapped 5). avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.