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eva01beserk said:
chakkra said:

"Despite the Steam Summer Sale kicking off Sea of Thieves at FULL PRICE is still in the Top 5 best selling games globally on Steam. Crazy how successful this has been"

Look at the steam monthly player stats for it.

Hardly any increase in players and after the first week when it hit its peak it never got close again. The game being in the top 5 of a sale of old games does not mean anything. Thouse are games that where not even selling anymore. 

Like I said before, People are jumping to conclusions already. Give it more time before trying to own people with incomplete data. This game could see a new breath of life or it could be a fizzle. Just have to wait a bit to find out. 

The game shouldn’t have spikes at all if your stance is to be believed. This game should have crashed and burned shortly after its launch over 2 years ago. People are playing it. It’s community is consistent. The developers are saying it’s a success. You don’t do continuous updates to a dead game (a big one just released this week). At this point I’d say you are low key trolling as SoT surpassed all our expectations one way or another. 

Fyi MCC being on there shouldn’t surprise you. Turns out there are a lot of Halo fans that just don’t game on Xbox anymore and people discovering it for the first time. Halo 2 is responsible for the current spike and it’s gonna spike again when Halo 3 drops next month. Which it all is just marketing Halo Infinite for PC players which makes me extra excited for Infinite’s PC performance.

Last edited by sales2099 - on 26 June 2020

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