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The reveal was absolutely abysmal, and a contender for worst reveal ever of a console. Yes, the reveals of the Sega Saturn and the Wii U were still somehow better than the Xbox One's. Let us recap what a disaster the start of the Xbox One was:

-100$ more expensive
-Less games (even if PS4 did not have that many exclusives early on either)
-Used games are banned (even if that got rectified, it left an absolutely horrible taste; I remember the PS4 reveal outright making fun of this)
-Always on DRM
-Mandatory Kinect

Yeah, no wonder it flopped hard; I am almost surprised it sold as ""well"" as it sold, with such a reval you'd expect it to compete against the freaking Wii U in sales.

Here is how Microsoft could have saved the Xbox One and beaten Sony (or at least tied like PS3 vs 360):

-Sell it at the same price as the PS4
-Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on day one (and make fun of Sony at this)
-Do not even attempt the mandatory Kinect nor the always on DRM or the used games thing
-Focus more on the games and not on TV and what not (PS4 did not have that many exclusives early on, though as the generation goes on Microsoft will need to improve their exclusives compared to what they launched)
-As a bonus, launch Xbox Game Pass on day one, which would have been the "killer app" of sorts against Sony. Even if Xbox One gets less exclusives, it would still be the cheaper way to play the multiplats

Last edited by tack50 - on 26 June 2020