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eva01beserk said:
sales2099 said:

And yet Sea of Thieves is more popular then any game they made when working for Nintendo. Quality drastically went up too. A lot of old school Rare fans for some reason refuse to acknowledge this and hold their classics up on a pedestal. Id say it’s a new renaissance for them going forward. I don’t know much about Everwild but damn does it intrigue me. 

How did you measure any off that? As far as I'm aware sot never breaks into the top 20 on twitch. And we have some ancient games in the top 20. Even valorant which is consifer a huge failure is there.

Sales? Never will know as ms only tells us players who probably at one point at least tried it. They dont even say active players or individual purchases.

Quality? By who's standard? I have never seen an outlet come out and praise how good sot is now. Granted I don't follow every outlet. But the is no buzz online of this game.

"Despite the Steam Summer Sale kicking off Sea of Thieves at FULL PRICE is still in the Top 5 best selling games globally on Steam. Crazy how successful this has been"