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LudicrousSpeed said:
I agree that the more devs focus on trying to emulate film with their games, the more out of touch they become because that focus on emulating film usually comes at the expense of focusing on the game side. So you’ll usually get games that are light on gameplay or less refined gameplay wise. To me, ND games have been a prime example of this the last two gens. That’s where imho a developer like Rockstar shines because they provide the best of both worlds. They don’t skimp on gameplay to provide a cinematic experience.

You have to be mocking if you think RDR2 have better or more gameplay than TLOU2.

RDR2 was a bore fest (pretty scenery and average story), never had a single issue or hardship playing on hard, I think I died only 2 times in the whole game. It was just to easy to kill everyone and it was quite simple gameplay through and through.

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