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Clank said:
I wonder if we will see ACNH below 50k-40k any week this year, just amazing sales also for switch I guess some stock back

I mean Animal Crossing New Horizon can only sell based on the number of new Switches available,

So if there are weeks with 20-40K Hardware sales, Animal Crossing could even fall below 20K.  

I think Animal Crossing will sell to at least 60% of new Hardware owners every week until the end of the year. The bigger question is how much can the Switch actually sale in Japan this year? 5 Million is guaranteed... 6 million is doable... but can it hit 7 million? There are certain things beyond fixing Supply that Nintendo can do, New Horizon DLC/Expansion plans, big holiday titles, holiday or permanent price cuts, new colors, new models, Ring Fit bundles... 

It will be interesting how much they supply during Obon summer holidays in Japan. That will give us an idea about what we can expect in December.