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Trumpstyle said:

It's has been pretty well known that we won't succeed when it comes to climate change, even with this year with a big down turn in gdp it's not enough to keep us under 1.5 degree celsius. I don't think we will manage 2 degree celsius, but might just succeed keeping the warming below 3.

If the world were serious about climate change we would drastically build out nuclear power, water power and public transportation. Put a big carbon tax and we should had tried electrified so much we just could. This should had been done in 1990 it's 2020 and we still not doing this, even this wouldn't be enough to solve the climate crises.

I think now only geoengineered will save us, specfically solar radiation management.

Imagine putting up gigantic solar shields, into space to "cool" down the planet.

Imagine if the EU + US did a project like that, and decided "no more sunlight for china".
We need to cool the planet... Wars will be fought over who has to take on this burden, and for how long, daily ect.

Also what are the effects on the ocean if you decide to do this over it?
Scientists would have to work out scheduals and likely "spread the pain" around, to be fair on a world scale.
(we could take turns haveing "sunlight" days)

Also if the issue is the "balance" of our climate is gone of of whack.... Im sure us ourselves trying to manage it, will be great.
Unforseen consequences that could prove disastrous are bound to ensue.

The idea of toying around with something that could lead to our extinction, when we only have this one planet, and dont know how to live elsewhere yet, seems like a huge gamble to take.