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Kristof81 said:
Just like with COVID-19, the general public seems to be unable to grasp the concept of exponential growth or/and positive feedback loop. And because they don't understand something, in their minds, it must be BS. I guess ignorance is bliss.

Wearing a mask is the work of the devil!
"my rights", and its all a hoax anyways!

This is a pandemic that will kill likely over 300,000 in the USA before 2021.
And you have people that wont even wear a mask, or wash their hands, or try to social distance.
People worried about conspiracies, and thinking its some plot to mass vacinate people and chip them.

Try convinceing people that what we do today, will effect the world 25-50 years down the line.
That there might be riseing sea levels, more desert, less viable lands for agriculture, less clean underground water,... ect.
Mass migrations and possible starvations, will come from it.  More extreme weather (huricanes, tornadoes, floodings, bush fires ect)

People today? Why should I care?

Its doomed.

Im not convinced politics can even save us from ourselves anymore, much less the climate of the world.