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Gotten a fair amount into the game my view of the game is that gameplay is great while everything else is a mixed bag so far someone earlier mentioned the best parts are when dealing with the infected which is true and no part sums that up more than Seattle where you have this exploration/scavenging section where infected are scattered about the location and buildings it's one of the best part so far as the dynamic between you as the player and the infected is one of two equally brutal entities who can insta-kill each other only operating in different ways, they have the numbers but you have the utility making set pieces with infected great. It does how ever feel that elements of the game conflict with each other as well as some situations being long winded or drawn out and this happens mostly with situations not dealing with the infected and trying to execute the narrative.

I feel it may have been better to just have a fully original cast for this one it may even have helped cool some of the reactions.