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Train wreck said:
OTBWY said:
Seems like the Switch domination continues. PS4 barely got a boost from the TLOUII release, meaning that it's all up to Ghost of Sushi to make a difference this year. The TLOUII numbers are okay, but this to me means that global domination over Animal Crossing is not a given. AC was dominating in all regions.

Week 12, 2017, Monster Hunter XX came out for the 3DS, it sold 1+ million copies.  3DS hardware fell from 42k the previous week to 39k that week.  Monster Hunter and the 3DS are more popular than the PS4 and TLOU.  I don't understand these "this game didn't more hardware" for consoles past 72 months...its a hard needle to move for a console of that age, no matter the game.

Well in this case, we have a very recent example of a game that did move hardware for the PS4: Final Fantasy VII:Remake. PS4 increased by almost 60k units the week FFVII:R released so I think that OTBWY's comment is accurate when he says TLOU2 didn't do much for PS4 hardware sales in Japan.

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