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EnricoPallazzo said:
DonFerrari said:

Since you are commenting on a thread that OP is very specific to talk about the game (without any spoilers) and only from first hand experience, which means you need to play, yes you would have to play to really comment on how the gameplay feels instead of look.

Because several games when you see someone play is totally different than you playing, mainly the tension and achievement. Even more when you see someone that dominates the gameplay and make it seem very easy. Go watch GoW last Valkyrie on Give me God of War without a hit, you'll think the game isn't that hard, but now go and play and tell me it is the same.

You have already said your displease on the game story on several threads so I have no Idea why you entered this one as well that is to be story free and say the same thing.

Yep, I guess you are right, my apologies and I will go to other threads

The story discussion one is the one that have generated less post probably because most are still playing and not many know how to use spoiler tag. But on the last couple days it have had a small increase in posts. At least three over there are talking from what they saw on leak or YT. And there is also the one that is about the politics on ND, that one have been a little more heated.

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