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DonFerrari said:
EnricoPallazzo said:

My apologies. It's because it seems like me you didnt like the story despite all the rest, maybe not combat, be a masterpiece, and people just do not accept that this story is not for everyone and you have a negative opinion on it. Sorry about that. By the way you grade is pretty close to mine, I would give this game a 7-8.

I haven't seem you mention you played the game before this, your comments where from spoilers and YT.

Do I need to, since I can know the story from other means?

Or should I play the 30 hours and then "yeah, strange, the story is exacty how it is on youtube videos, I expected it to be different".

I wont play it, but I like to be informed on it as I believe we are seeing first hand part of videogame history being written, this game is very very relevant and will be discussed for years.