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EnricoPallazzo said:
DonFerrari said:

You play with Joel on the start of the game already, didn`t see any promise of even playing with him, much less playing a significant portion of the game. In fact there was fan outrage until the previous year because Joel wasn`t being show at any moment when they presented TLOU2, including in the E3 were we had the outburst of the lesbian dance and several scenes of gameplay with Ellie.

Sure I would prefer to play as Joel than Ellie and don`t even mind if Dina didn`t exist, but that was never the way the game was portrayed to be.

Well if you think it's alright for marketing for games to advertise games this way then, good for you I think. 

Just as a note, and an opinion./

Even from the very first trailer, there were strong rumors that the Joel in the house is just a figment of her imagination. That Joel is somehow dead, and that's why they never actually show his face.

For the opinion portion of my post, I don't even know why you'd want to play as a character whose story is over. It's quite clear in TLOUs ending that Joel's story is over, specifically because Ellie knows he's lying.