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sundin13 said:

In order to avoid spoilers, I'm not going to watch Jim's video, but Spec Ops: The Line was one of the games I was thinking of when people were talking about good stories in games. It didn't have the production value of TLOU, but it was able to really leverage the gameplay and the fact that you were murdering scores of people in the story in a way which accounted for ludonarrative dissonance.

I think the actual story of that game was more memorable than just about any story beat in TLOU.

Indeed, Spec Ops it was used to their advantage, they made you play the game (which was a very generic shooter) doing things because the game told you to and played the character's role in it. Going from just a man gone in as peacekeeper to a horrible human being, hell bent on an idea just to justify his own deeds. Back in the day Yatzhee said in his video that it was like the game devs forcing him to do this thing but it still made him feel horrible but that was their point.

I think Spec Ops is fantastic because of the effect it had on me and my dislike of Walker because of how he changed over the game, from a generic hero (idealistic in some ways) you could put yourself into the role, into a f***ed up nutter that you disassociated yourself from. While in TLoU, Joel just seemed like a dick, bit selfish from the start and it sadly ended with that.

Hmm, pie.