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Vodacixi said:

Jim has uploaded his impressions on the game. And I have the feeling some people are gonna get mad at him:

Another great video. And holy hell the stealth combat in that video looks just as bad as the original. Yuck. Not surprising to see him say the zombie combat situations are the best part of the game. Even with the bizarre gameplay element where the zombies can't see or hear your NPC allies, that was the best part of the original imho. Sucks to hear that the game focuses so much less on that and so much more on the human conflict.

I gotta agree with what he said regarding the illusion of choice and guilt as well. If a game gives you no choice in a matter, why in the world would I feel guilt about it? Like killing a dog that you have no choice but to kill. Or feeling bad about all the brutality going on when the game encourages it so mightily. Compare this to games like Spec Ops or even games like Bioshock or even Fallout, where you are given choices that can have actual impact on the game and make you feel guilt.

He made a good comparison to regarding LoU2 and RDR2. They are both huge AAA narrative titles that have their heads too far up their own asses and go on way too long. Of course, they also LOOK better than pretty much anything else out there but that's because of huge budgets and absurdly long development times. Of course if you compare it to a similar game that doesn't get that long in the oven, I'd hope it turns out that well technically, but was it worth it? Not even getting into the developer element of crunch and stress, if the game could have come out two or three years ago but not have as many highly detailed environments or facial animations etc etc, would that have been a better situation? I think so.