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0D0 said:

Ok, I've played 2h. I liked it so far.

Of course I can't say much because I've only played 2h, so I can't comment on story, but I can comment on other things, including script. I also can make a comparison with the first 2h of the first game (or any other game).

It's difficult to get truly impressed by the first hours of game. Spider-man is a loved game and I was kinda confused with the action in the first two hours. Both TLOU and Part II were absolutely brilliant though. But in many aspects, Part 2 is better. This is among the best introduction experience I've had in any game so far:

Direction and acting is incredible: the first one was already something else, but this one have the benefits of current gen tech and it's just brilliant. I don't remember seeing acting like this in any other game. I'd say that it surpass God of War.

Sound, music: The best I've ever heard. The music and the sound effects truly adds emotion and it feels like top notch cinema. Their voices, general sounds are spectacular to a point that you really feel you're there hearing that. The way the monsters express pain is above anything else I've experienced. It's a game that you must play on headphones.

Combat, gameplay: It's been flawless so far. It's still a sort of a minimalist combat, but less PS3 cheesy button hit. The improvement is great. I've got no complaints. They added jump and I don't know how I feel about it tbh.

The result is an immersion feeling that I've never experienced before. They truly have mastered the concept of immersion. The first game had that too, of course, and it was superior than any other PS3 game in my opinion. They did it again, but 10x better.

Now the part I didn't like so far: (THERE'S a ONE WORD MINOR SPOILER)

The naive background is gone: The first game is a sort of a surviving mission built on a tragedy. Part 1 had a simple and even naive introduction and the only thing that grew out of that was combat and the relationship between the characters. That was the best thing that set that game apart in my opinion. How can you make a great story, a great script out of a simple background and a very conventional mission? They did it. Part I feels like a superb theatre performance.

Part II is more like current cinema though. The introduction now has romance, drama and small talk. It also has a song. The characters talk about dating, boyfriends, girlfriends, jealousy and even a


situation. The drama seems to be also in the teen drama side. As far as I could see, they're gone with older adults and that bothers me.

Script and conversation: The first game started in a serious tone, short dialogues, adult conversation. They focused on the mission. It was simpler and efficient. Part II starts romantic and on the teenager/young adult side of that. Characters are more relaxed than on the first game (of course, they have a community now) and that opens the game to small talk and what seems to be unimportant drama. Again the brilliance of the simple tone of the first game is gone. If the first game starts like "Lord of the Rings", this one is "Game of Thrones". If the first one starts like the first season of "Walking Dead", this one is "The 100" or any other fiction series for younger audiences. The same applies to family friendliness. The first as Lord of the Rings could be played with your grandma with you. The second game on the other hand has characters shouting "What the f***" to children. The script is vulgar, but like all Hollywood films and TV currently is and that's a bummer for me.

Again I only played 2 hours so my opinions may change and I can't put a number of stars to this game yet.

Seems pretty much spot on, and it will be similar carried until 10th hour at least (that is more or less the mark I`m). The protagonist is a teen on a new relationship so of course most of the mundane conversation will gravitate towards their relationship.

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