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I have alot to say about the story, its just not very good in my personal opinion. The things these characters act out just dont make sense.

I am unsure how to create spoiler boxes so please dont read on after this point.


Plot issues that made little sense.

Joel gets killed by Abby after saving her life afew times and she just turns and knee caps him and tortures him after finding out his name, even after he was being nice to her, you would think she would have some sort 2nd throughts about ending his life, but no, a dishonorable shot gun to the knee and a slow death.. it made little to no sense. Thats not how people work.

The ending is another major flaw, why would she (Ellie) let her (Abby) live? After all the death and pain Abby put Ellie through, it made little fu#$ing sense. Joel would be the reason to kill her alone let alone her biting off Ellies fingers and killing more of her friends..

This whole adventure, i found little to no love for Abby, nothing she does in this entire game justifices her spot in killing the main lead in the 1st game. Ellie was also unlikable as her personality was just being an asshole like everyone else. The way this game ends, i wouldnt be suprised if Ellie and Abby become friends in the TLOU3

Rant ended

Other than the story issues, this game has to be one of the best looking games on the Pro. The gameplay is solid also but man.. that story was a massive disappointment especally when this game is all about the story.

Last edited by Bonzinga - on 24 June 2020