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zumnupy10 said:
The best word to describe this game is intense.

I'm amazed by how ND handled combat in Part II; Those guys took the survival horror genre to a new level IMO.

So far, I am loving the intensity and the feeling of desperation the game gives. Part is superior in all aspects in regards to the original game.

It's also the most gruesome game I've ever played when it comes to cruelty of killing. Something in the way enemies scream and ask for help when they are about to die, gives me chills. The small things that ND additioned like shooting when crouched, silencers, breakings glasses to acess areas, dogs and enemies that beg for help and call each other by name when they die, just makes the overall experience much more immersive. TLoU Part II is a masterpiece in terms of ambientation.

Yep and that is the trumph the storytelling in gaming have over other media, it can make you very immersed and feel the emotions of the protagonist on a deeper level.

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