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And this video sums up exactly what I thought about the game's story. It's exactly what I wanted to have instead of this bullshit half baked revenge story that completely fucking wastes everyone's time. The essentials for a following up on the first game were clearly their.

Honestly, I was actually giving a pass to Joel's dumb ass behavior here that actually got him killed. Years of survival instincts had help him to survive for more than 2 decades. And then he does this one convenient careless shit that gets him killed. He was able to tell an ambush in TLOU1 while he walks into this one like he's asking for it?

I understand that he may have changed throughout the years, but this complete trust in total strangers without any caution at all was just baffling. The same shit applies to Tommy as well. I refuse to believe that Jackson never gets raided by bandits just like in TLOU1. Him just freely inviting them was actually pretty fucking stupid.

I also cannot fucking stress why it was so frustrating to see the message in TLOU1's ending just to be forgotten like that and not really carry on in TLOU2.
Last edited by iron_megalith - on 23 June 2020