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chakkra said:
vonny said:
The Ellie parts are a clean 10/10 for me but the Abby segments fall hard for me, I'm worried real criticism will be over shadowed by angry neckbeards. I'd love a part 3 only if it was 100% Ellie focus other wise I wont have too much interest.

Funny how different people's perspectives can be. I ended up liking Abby way more than Ellie. In fact, I spent the whole game angry at Ellie and felt that she was the most deserving to die out of all the main characters in the game.

Then you fell for the narrative tricks ND did. You make Ellie do certain things when you play as her. Now compare to what you do as Abby when you played as her. It comes across very one sided. ND wants you to like her despite her past. 

(was this vague enough not to do a spoiler tag? I hope so) 

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