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Bandorr said:
pikashoe said:

I dont think it is, at the very least you are often dissmissive of everything i say.

When did I say manipulative. Read what I say, not what you think I say. You do this all the time, you say that I mean something that I never said.

If some people are going to make that mistake surely they might as well put a part 1 on there so no one will make that mistake. Billions of people out there don't pay a lot of attention to gaming news. I know 3 people that bought the game because they saw ff7 on the shelf and were like cool I played that as a kid.

Just admit that it couldn't hurt or Tell me what issues will putting part 1 on the box cause?

I grabbed the back of my FF7r game case to see what it says. "The story of the first, standalone game in the FINAL FANTASY 7 remake project covers up to the party's escape from midgar...(and more)".

Or I can go to their website

Or the Digital copy

Website, physical, digital - three places.

If you some how avoid it - you weren't looking for it.

I've already said I'm talking about people that are impulse buying, that just see ff7 on the shelf and go cool I played that as a kid. If anything you proved my point you obviously missed what I said.