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pikashoe said:
DonFerrari said:

It is probably the first time I use the word nitpik with you. And didn`t say no one bought without knowing the game was part of planned series, still that is a very small portion of people that just ignored all the information. Only someone that just happened to be on the store and felt the urge to buy without even reading the box or any single information, that is such a small issue that saying SE was being manipulative or unclear is strange.

I dont think it is, at the very least you are often dissmissive of everything i say.

When did I say manipulative. Read what I say, not what you think I say. You do this all the time, you say that I mean something that I never said.

If some people are going to make that mistake surely they might as well put a part 1 on there so no one will make that mistake. Billions of people out there don't pay a lot of attention to gaming news. I know 3 people that bought the game because they saw ff7 on the shelf and were like cool I played that as a kid.

Just admit that it couldn't hurt or Tell me what issues will putting part 1 on the box cause?

Would have zero issue to put a 1 on the cover, but again you were explained why almost never you`ll see a number one in basically any media product even when it was sure it would get a sequel from the start. And again the box have the information that it is part of the story.

Have you played Soul Reaver? It didn`t had a 1 on the cover or any information similar to that (even though it was Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver, so if internet existed at the time we would know that it pertained to the Legacy of Kain series), the game end with just a screen "continue on Playstation 2".

From people I know the total of people that played it would be 3 if I included myself and they knew the game was part of the original, both anedoctes are really nothing. And saying Billion of people don`t follow gaming is very strange since actually only under 200M care at all about gaming.

So I have no idea why you are upset over not only me but most not thinking they needed to include a number, episode (although they said it was episodic and later corrected since the idea of episodes was short games) or midgar (which would serve to only people that played the original).

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