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DonFerrari said:
pikashoe said:

Bolded the key word that you skipped. Because zero of what I said even hinted at the idea that sequels aren't planned, just that they aren't guaranteed. That and many sequels tell different stories to the original rather than carrying on an overarching narrative.

The original ff7 was insanely popular it's not crazy to think that plenty of people might impulse buy The remake without knowing much about it. I know a few who did. I don't get why you are so defensive of this, putting part 1 or episode 1 on the cover isn't going to hurt anyone is it? 

This is getting off topic. Please just admit that I might have little bit of a point here, what I'm saying isn't crazy or controversial. You don't need to always disagree with everything I say just for the sake of it. 

Do you know that FFVIIR also aren`t guaranteed right? The game could have sold very bad and canned. Even if they started making the rest of FFVIIR while the first was still in production that doesn`t make the other parts less likely to be cancelled midway.

In the very box of the game it says the game doesn`t cover the whole story of the original. You and several others are just nitpiking on everything on FFVIIR to try and make a case.

EnricoPallazzo said:

You dont think what ND did to TLOU2 was deceiving? Thats impressive

Nope, what was deceiving? Because having some scenes on trailer that is not in the game isn`t being deceptive. Just look at the PSN review that have been steady on 4.5/5.

But please develop on how they were deceiving.

There you go


The trailers are made in a way to give you the impression you are going to play with Joel along with you, at least a portion of the game just like old times. But apart from flashbacks, they mostly do not meet in game.

- The first trailer where Joel walks into a house where Ellie has killed a lot of people and she is playing the guitar and she says "Im going to kill all of them". 

- There is another one where Ellie is talking to Joel and he says "there is a price to be paid". They swapped the models to give you the impression it happens in the present, with Joels by your side. In game, the model used is of Joel 5 years younger as of course, the scene happen in a flashback.

- The amazing scene in the trailers that everyone cheered, Joel reaches Ellie from behind (ops...) and says "think I would let you do it on your own?" to make you think Joel is coming along for the ride, in game is actually Jesse, nicknamed now as Asian Joel.

There are two more I cant remember right now. It was on purpose and I truly believe this is awful as people hold the first game deep in their hearts.

This is even more deceiving than Kojima on MGS2 and can't even be compared with FF7 which in my opinion wasnt deceiving, they just needed to include an Ep1 on the cover of the game. 

To be fair, we will know only in the future but I believe this game had a big story redesign not long ago, as the co-writer already stated she had a fight with Drunkmann for 6 months to swap the destiny of two characters.