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Simple really. Maybe the main series of a franchise is not for you but a spinoff or series of spinoffs you enjoyed. A good example is Mana series from Final Fantasy. Persona from Shin Megami Tensei.  Mario Kart to Super Mario.

I can give an example some may not expect with one obvious one. I like the lore of Metal Gear but not into the gameplay of the main series. I do love some of the games that take place in the universe of Metal Gear.



Zone of the Enders 2

Metal Gear Rising

Snatcher for those unaware is Kojima's Blade Runner but it does exist in the MG universe. It's not directly clear where in time. However, it does have a Metal Gear. Big Boss is here as well.

Policenauts is very much in the MG universe with the very first appearance of Meryl. Anyone who played the original MGS has heard part of the Policenauts theme with the intro of the game on the Konami logo.

ZOE2 is decades if not longer in the future and while it takes place in the universe. It has no direct connections.

MGR is pretty obvious.

I love Cyberpunk so Snatcher and Policenauts are a given. I like old adventure games as well. ZOE2 is just one of the best mecha and action games ever made that is still amazing. The fast-paced gameplay is almost PG like.  MGR is a PG game and one of its finest.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!