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pikashoe said:

Just think of games that tell a story in a way that only a video game could or is improved because it is a videogame. The issue with so many videogame stories is ludonarrative dissonance. TLOU 2 has a big issue where it's trying to say revenge and killing is bad while also having you slaughter hundreds of people throughout the game.

But that's ND's thing. You really think the organisations, people or even Nathan drake himself would not be affected by the mindless slaughter of over 3000 people he kills in the games? :P By Uncharted 4, Nadine is getting it. It's just not worth it. Gameplay and Story are always basically a separate thing in Uncharted. TLoU actually made it less so, as you needed to get past the clickers and were being hunted by cannibals.

The issue I have with many people in this argument about this game is that TLoU was a game about f***ed up humans and their ways after a mass apocalyptic thing, and by the sounds of it TLoU2 is no different. The story, even if it's bad, is actually on point if that's the case. 

But it still doesn't give examples of actually good stories in video games. It's hard as you have to do the ludonarrative dissonance in some games for it to work. Yet we have games like Witcher or Horizon where it's gameplay works with the story because of the way the narrative is told. 

Last edited by The Fury - on 23 June 2020

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