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After watching in-depth livestream gameplay, my opinion of the game as a whole is better but the execution of the story is still awful. The graphics of the game are spectacular, gameplay seems to be the same but more refined, but the story could've been put together way better. The best moments of the story imo are the flashbacks with Joel and Ellie (why couldn't the game start from there?), the love interest has as much chemistry with Ellie as a wet carboard box (no offense cardboard boxes) and

there is no payoff in the end against the main "antagonist" (unless there's a Part 3...pls no).

Honestly I'd say the game is a solid 8/10 for people who haven't played the 1st one, which might be why sales of the game are so good atm.

Last edited by Hiku - on 22 June 2020