Jaicee said:
melbye said:
Sales were always gonna be frontloaded, legs will be awful

I've noticed that the bar set by this game's detractors keeps getting moved. First it was "wait for the reviews". Then the reviews were outstanding. Then it was "wait for the sales". Now the first sales data is in and it points to an outstanding launch. Now it's "wait for the legs". I'm sensing a pattern here.

What sane detractor would ever say "wait for the reviews" on a woke game?  You could spit in the box and ship it instead of the game, as long as the box says a bunch of woke talking points, the professional game reviewers would still give it 10/10.  They would have literally been fired if they did anything else but praise the game.  

Unless you meant user reviews.  Which I don't think I even need to mention given how theres already SJWs screaming at the top of their lungs about how unfair the reviews are.  Despite the fact that apparently Europe got the game 3 days early so they did in fact have a chance to play.  

And as I've stated before, the sales aren't in.  Day one are always sold out.  Just like the next Playstation console will sell out day one just like the next Nintendo will sell out day one.  Everything big sells out day one.  If it DIDN'T sell out day one, that would have been the apocalypse right there.  

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