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HoangNhatAnh said:
CGI-Quality said:


Do you expect it will sell 11 million in 11 weeks like AC?

That was shipped.

HoangNhatAnh said:
CGI-Quality said:

What difference would it make if it didn't?

AC could still sell millions at full $60 after several years, that is the difference.

So could TLOU

HoangNhatAnh said:
Otter said:

Someone said TLOU2 will have aweful legs.  Not having AC kind of legs is not the same as having terrible legs. TLOU 1 had great legs, so there is no reason to doubt the same for part 2  which will be BC with PS5. 

It will reach 20mil with many price cuts and give away like the 1st game, of course.

AC is already being bundled as well.

Imagine being so insecure that TLOU beat AC in one region that you go on the defensive like this and get every single post wrong