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CGI-Quality said:
xMetroid said:
I mean not to be that guy but UK is one of PS4's (if not the) biggest market ratio wise and it is the weakest for Nintendo.
So i would have been a bit concerned if it didn't beat it there. It will never match it's sales lifetime WW. I don't even think it will have a debut as big WW.

What are Animal Crossing's total numbers WW?

HoangNhatAnh said:

Do you expect it will sell 11 million in 11 weeks like AC?

What difference would it make if it didn't?

Per Nintendo's FY End briefing.

Global Sell-In was 11.77M as of 3/31/2020 (11 days).

Sell-Through in US/EUR/JP-only was 13.41M after 6 weeks (really 38 days - opening weekend + 5 weeks).

For comparison to that second number for the same three regions:

AC NH - 13.41M after 5.5 weeks - Link | Launch Quarter: 11.77M shipped in 2.5 weeks

Sun/Moon - 12.15M sold after 6.5 weeks - Link | Launch Quarter: 14.69M shipped in 6.5 weeks

SSBU - >10.0M after 5.5 weeks - Link | Launch Quarter: 12.07M shipped in 4.5 weeks

Sword/Shield - 12.28M after 9 weeks - Link | Launch Quarter: 16.06M shipped in 7 weeks

Note that the above three all launched right before/during Nov/Dec/Jan holiday period and the numbers all reflect result following New Year's holiday.  Animal Crossing NH is pacing considerably ahead of all three of these with a late March launch through the end of April.

Next update will be shipped numbers through 6/30/2020 given on 8/7/2020.  Based on the sell-through figure through late April, global sell-through should have been in the 15M territory and global sell-in around 16-17M.  With all of May/June to sell more, ACNH sell-in should be headed for 19-21M in that 8/7/2020 report.