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SecondWar said:

I had similar problems. Pre-ordered it at the end of April during lockdown when I had no idea if shops would be open to get the game in release day. I bought it alongside Ghost of Tsushima. The email confirmation said it would be delivered between 17th and 20th of July (Tsushima’s release date). That got me a bit worried.

Sucks. If I knew earlier that I was ordering from a non UK company I would have sucked up the few extra pounds and gone on Amazon. Now we wait Oh well, lesson learned. Can you not change the GoT preorder?

Doesn’t look like I can. TLOU arrived today rather than July so I was ok, just annoying that it came at dinner time rather than earlier as it limits my play time.

Just got to the first big plot point. Feeling some more backstory is required for the villain but I’m guessing that’s going to come later (at least I hope it does).