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DonFerrari said:
SecondWar said:
So my disc finally arrived. Early impressions seems that the tone of the leaks may have been more on point that I was willing to acknowledge at the time.

I also have noticed a problem that I had with the first game. When Joel’s daughter died, it had been what p, 10 minutes of gametime - I didn’t care because nothing had really been established. I get it sets up as the basis of Joel’s relationship with Ellie, but it left me out-of-sync as the pacing was off.

So far it seems to be doing a similar thing here - grounding a few characters and character relationships in events that happened off-screen, where they therefore have no meaning to the player. This isn’t helped by having you repeatedly switch characters in the first half an hour of the game.

Man my son was on the coming at the time I played TLOU1, so even if there was no construction of his daughter I could feel his pain and despair just by the label daughter

Fair enough. I don’t have any kids which may contribute to my detachment from it, but I feel it’s a mark of a could game if you feel the character’s pain even if you are detached from their situation.