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John2290 said:
DonFerrari said:

That is my expectation, that the game in all is good enough that the portions like silly teen drama can be a smaller problem.

Lord I hope so cause these dialouge writers are so fucking bad, they could easily alleviate the problems with this dramatic and mushy shit by adding some levity but they fail at that, If I recall they landed one joke but the rest have been as cringey as the flirting. It's starting to really piss me off, enough so that I might not be able to play this game in meaningful chunks if it continues, it's even worse than Chloe/Nadine chatter. I feel like I'm playing a teen zombie film, it even fucked up some scenes that should have been impactful. They need a writing team focused solely on comedt and jokes briefed on the script and allowed to insert levity where needed, just before the cringe spikes. 

I agree with the dialogue and overall characters.

Kind of surprising because the Uncharted series and the original TLOU had great character interactions. The moments of subtlety so far aren't as impactful.