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Nothing she says was wrong, though you can see how she had to refrain herself, because one wrong word could trigger another avalanche of activist fascism. She made a very good point about transgenderism being a social phenomenon rather than a psychological one.

Sadly transgenderism has evolved from a few people who drew the wrong conclusion from a predicament to a full on religion. I'd say cult but cults aren't so heavily protected. For me transgenderism is, like every other religion, entirely regressive and as an extremely progressive person I abhor any kind of regressiveness. Transgenderism is defeatist in nature and it's a shame that they are allowed to be called activist when all they're doing is pushing social evolution back hundreds of years and even worse, completely confirming their and everyone else's oppressors. They are a huge part of the problem that they pretend to fight against. While I do not hold a grudge against transgender people I have absolutely no respect for their supposed identification, let alone their demand for respect. I will respect you if you do whatever you want with your body, I will respect you for the way you are behaving as long as you do not hurt anyone, but I will completely lose all my respect if you are doing it while using fake labels that mean absolutely nothing.

Transgenderism isn't a psychological phenomenon, it is 100% social. Genders are a fake social construct and adhering to it has only ever brought harm to humanity's social structures. If you claim to be of a certain gender then you are part of the problem.

I remember growing up being oppressed by a fake social construct, today I'm being oppressed by that construct as well as people who think they fight against it, but really just fight for their own selfish peace of mind.

End note: I distinguish between gender and sex as sex being the true biology and gender being the fake construct that sadly people build their whole identities on.

Last edited by vivster - on 19 June 2020

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.