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John2290 said:
It says I'm just under four hours in. I have some strong feelings towards it so far but I still can't form an overall opinion on the game due to the pacing and setup so far, that could be a very good sign (The witcher 3, TPP, Divinity OS etc) or a very bad sign (Nioh 2, Doom Eternal etc).

I can acknowledge the good and the bad however, The gameplay is great. The graphics are top tier, VA and production all around to, not quite on RDR2 level but almost on par however I prefer them keeping the animations quick and tight so the game can be... gamifed. The story so far without getting into spoilers has ranged from teen drama to extreme violence and back again, paced very well but I fear ND misinterpreted the bulk of their audience and went on reception of LB rather than recption of the original game. I gotta say though, the gameplay is great and I'm still playing so that's something. Feels like they took parts of every other ps3-ps4 game they've made and mashed them all together and I've yet to see if that ultimately pays off.

That is my expectation, that the game in all is good enough that the portions like silly teen drama can be a smaller problem.

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