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Since this game is a major release with a lot of hype and expectation I'm creating this separated thread. The discussion in this thread is free so you can cover any aspect of the game and heavily discuss the story, so expect *MAJOR SPOILERS* if you keep reading.

Please keep civil and don't discuss political aspects that don't pertain to the story. Example: if something Ellie or a group in TLOU2 do have internal political motivations feel free to discuss, but if you want to talk about the political motivation and agenda of anyone of the team making TLOU2 don't post. If you really need or want to discuss the external politics, the agenda of the devs and things like that please do on this thread:

Please remember that by request of the moderation team no spoilers shall be posted outside of this thread. AND IF YOU WANT TO POST A SPOILER PLEASE POST WITH A SPOILER TAG.

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