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Hynad said:

@ bolded: Both mean the same thing.

@ the rest: If you drive your car at its speed limit of 200mph and I speed past you with mine at 400mph (twice more), would you agree I smoked you? Or would you say your car is comparable to mine because I'm not topping at 2000mph (10x more)?

Odd comparison because of a couple reasons.

#1 A car with twice the horsepower does not mean it has double the top speed. There is a lot more to a car's performance than one thing.

#2 PS5 has 1 advantage over the XSX (SSD) where as the XSX has 4 advantages over the PS5 (CPU, GPU, RAM, Bandwidth)

DonFerrari said:

He was fighting before entering the portal and after. I don't really see a reason for him to be fightining inside the portal (since it the jump takes seconds) but sure it could happen, but the fact that it didn't doesn't prove it is scripted.

You want to count it twice? It have RAM advantage and bandwidth? The RAM ammount is the same, while PS5 have a single speed and XSX on the 10Gb have a little faster but on the 6Gb (that won`t be all for OS) is slowe. The difference in the 10GB speed is close to the difference in GPU so it is basically a match to keep it feed.

You are assuming one or the other throttle. You didn`t really understood Cerny explanation. The speed on the GPU and CPU can be sustained for as long as is necessary, that is it. And if because of load to keep the thermal level they can achieve over 10% saving in power with only 2% decrease in the clock.

Actually SSD does that. When it stream better quality assets (including texture) it helps to make better quality pixels, it doesn`t help on the computational capability thought. By having twice the speed it can stream much larger textures (higher quality).

Correct, he was fighting before and after the rifting, showing me him flying through multiple different worlds without any form of interaction aside from moving left and right makes this no different to a load screen than we play rather than watch. Its cool tech if it works but this is a 1st party exclusive so it defeats the purpose of comparisons because we wont see a XSX or PC version of the game.

Games will be using all 8 to 10gigs of the Ram in these consoles as that's the next gen leap, XSX and PS5 has more Ram to utilised however I highly doubt we will see games running 14, 15 or 16gig ram games. The slower Ram in the XSX will be for OS and extra if required for games. Remember majority of games will be designed around the average spec PC not just the PS5 or XSX, that's why I strongly believe next gen games will be using 8 to 10gigs.

XSX doesn't have to throttle which to mean sounds like a greater advantage than to have the throttling. The fact the XSX across the board is more powerful all round means that for the PS5 to render the same games, it will be throttling between CPU and GPU to help keep up where as the XSX will just run the games at full throttle all the time. Now I am not a tech head but that's what it sounds like to me.

Both XSX and PS5 have very fast SSDs, so unless we see evidence that the PS5 can load up better textures than the XSX, it becomes hyperbole. What we will see is 1st party games utilise this technology which again defeats the purpose of the comparison because the games that will fully utilised the tech wont be coming to other devices anyway. From what we saw at the PS5 reveal was nothing a current high end PC could not render even on a slower SSD than what's in the XSX. 

eva01beserk said:

Like hyna said, they are both refering to the same thing. Keep in mind, neither sony or ms are doing much in the way of ray tracing, they are both buying AMD's solution so both will use the same hardware. Now on the software side, it could be possible that they both do their own thing, MS already said that they have improvements done with direct x ultimate, from sony we dont know any more.

Now again, with the ssd it definetly could increase quality. Like I said before, If 12gb of ram is available, the inmage does not use all 12gb. they save some ram for data that will be used on the future so as to not load from storage the entire chunk as it would take to long. Thanks too SSD tech they are both using is unknown how much ram needs to be separated, but before it was 50/50. What ever that amount is now, we know at the very least that the ps5 is way faster so less ram needs to be reserved so thats already extra ram the ps5 could use to improbe visuals. Sony is claiming that they dont need to reserve any ram as the ssd is fast enough while ms claims that its not true and they will both still do it but the ps5 will still be faster and would be good enough. From that PR from each alone we can deduce that at the very least the ps5 will have more ram free for visuals. If what sony's statement are true and they dont need to reserve n ram at all and at the same time off load some proceses to be made directly from storage without needing to load to ram first, then the amount of available ram for the ps5 is gona be huge. enough to show some serious diference on top to also remove load times. But again, we have to wait and see.

Are they the same thing? because this is why I am asking the question. What comes up on Google suggests different.

Google: Hardware acceleration makes a big difference. But the real distinction isn't between hardware and software, but between GPU acceleration with and without dedicated RT Cores. You don't need specialized hardware to do ray tracing, but you want it.

Google: In computing, hardware acceleration is the use of computer hardware specially made to perform some functions more efficiently than is possible in software running on a general-purpose central processing unit (CPU).

If its accelerated than why wouldn't Sony mention it in the spec charts? From what I am gathering here is that Hardware based requires GPU resources to render where as acceraleted doesnt or not much of.. again that's just what it sounds like to me.

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