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sales2099 said:
DonFerrari said:

Sony didn't reveal UC5 or similar level stuff and didn't said it was thei full blow event. So we can say that it wasn't Sony main event as well?

Seemed like a traditional e3 styled event with a nice mix of exclusives and multiplats and high profile games. Followed tradition with early June timing and similar run time of 1:40. MS made it very clear their 1st party event was July. 

Horizon was their near future flagship to show and it was impressive. Same can be said for Ratchet and those world load times. Xbox has Halo and their marketing deal with Cyberpunk and I sure didn’t see those in May. 

Cmon don you know I’m more or less right. MS just overhyped their May event and that’s on them. I’ll admit that now. 

I know, was just using what you said against you =p

But in seriousness since Sony backed away from E3 and then with COVID Sony said they would spread the news and reveals of PS5 on several "events" along the year. So don't worry there will be more reveals from both companies.

Still for a MS event to be considered better than the one from Sony it have to show stuff that wasn't know already so Halo and Forza won't really cut it.

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