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LurkerJ said:
sales2099 said:

First thing is to please climb off the high horse because if you wanna talk shop on Xbox you should do your homework. 

By drip feeding I mean Everwild and Grounded announced in November. Hellblade 2 and Series X unveiling in December. Project Mara in January. And the third party showcase in May. With the specs and Smart Delivery news in between I can’t complain compared to the latter. 

YOU probably missed the part where it said “First look Xbox Series X Gameplay”. When did they advertise this as a blowout presentation? Since when was Inside Xbox a show about major announcements? Where was Halo or CyberPunk? Since when is a 20-30 minute show compare to a 2 hour presentation by Sony? These are questions a Xbox gamer knows but may by foreign to someone like yourself. This was clearly a teaser, a bait show arguably to play the long game (July). Again if you gonna talk smack, do your homework. 

News flash, market leader gets more views. I’m shocked. No doubt they did a great show, don’t get me wrong. But that wasn’t MSs best either and I’m glad this year they have over a month to plan a proper response rather then go first. 

What are you even comparing? 

Sony has 5 exclusives to sell this year, one of which is bound to be their best selling exclusive game of the PS4, and another that is a remake of the biggest FF of all time. Here is the list if you don't know what I am talking about: TLOU2, FF7r, Nioh 2, Ghost and Dreams. Big games that have received critical acclaim (awaiting Ghost's reception) and deserved their own spotlight, and if it wasn't for the pandemic, Ghost would've released this month as well. It was only natural & smart for them to be on the low about the PS5 to allow their amazing line-up to breathe.

On the other hand, Xbox line-up this year is an embarrassment in comparison, so you being an Xbox-only gamer, I definitely get why you appreciate news of next-gen being drip fed to you over SONY's approach, but if you just try and understand that SONY fans have had a lot more to look forward to than just next-gen news, you'd appreciate SONY's event timing and structure, not that it's important that you get it anyway because you seem to be the only person preferring "MS's transparency" here.

I take the time and try to make it clear to you, and all I get is "SMACK TALK!111!! Do yOuR HoMEWorK!!!1!" when you're the one who clearly hasn't done his homework...... just don't bother please. 

Yawn...why are you talking about PS4 games when we were talking about next gen game reveals and showcases? If you can’t respond then don’t. I’d rather that then you deflecting and ranting in a different direction. 

You liked to wait half a year to get some decent announcements. Good for you. I liked getting one or two announcements every month. You do you. 

So to be clear, you tried to make a questionable at best argument that Xbox’s May event was a official showing. I gave a rather detailed counter that no, you are wrong and the show was just a build up to the July show. Please re read if the argument remains unclear (hint hint if there was no Halo it wasn’t their showcase event).

And you respond completely ignoring that and start listing PS4 games thinking that’s a appropriate response? And then you close with a snarky response of false superiority when you didn’t address anything I actually said? Like I said, you do you. 

Last edited by sales2099 - on 18 June 2020

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