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JRPGfan said:
Nighthawk117 said:

The only answer is: pepper. What is better on steak? What is better on pasta? What is better on potato/macoroni salad? What is better on pizza?

-And I'm talking about which one you would put on your food just before eating it.-

a steak needs both, to tenderise the meat.
You salt it like a day or two before cooking it, it turns out fantastic.

Pasta dishes with salt? less is more imo (who would put salt ontop of pasta?).
Though I probably assume alot of pasta when made, was also made with abit of salt added in (or cooked in lightly salted water (a pinch)).

Salt does go really well with potatoes and tomatoes.... and even pizza dough.

Its unhealthy to have too much salt though.
pepper? eat as much as you want :)

I just made a huge batch of American Chop Suey/Goulash on Sunday night.  Been eating it for lunch since then, with a normal

dash of pepper. Just finished it today.