If we are talking about Sony first party, I like that they are putting effort into making new games.  One thing about Sony is that their new IP never really look that interesting at first to me.  It's true that Shadow of the Colossus looked awesome the first time I saw it but that is their second Team Ico game.  Ico doesn't actually seem that special at first glance.  It's the type of game that you have to play to appreciate.  The same can be said of Demon's Souls.  I didn't even consider it until after I heard the buzz about it.

But I mention Demon's Souls and the Team Ico games, because it is the new first party IP that I usually find most interesting from Sony.  For whatever reason, the titles they turn into a franchise are never the ones that I really like.  So they showed off a bunch of new types of games at their presentation.  None of them really looked interesting to me, but who knows?  There may be a few unexpected gems in there even though they didn't grab me at first.