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TheMisterManGuy said:

It does feel like Sony, Specifically newly appointed Worldwide Studios President, Herman Hulst, does want to try and shed that image it built up in the PS4, and show that PlayStation is more than capable of offering a large and varied lineup of games.

Sony is 2nd to none, when it comes to offering large and varied lineups of games.
Thats like one of the main selling points of the playstation, it caters to everyone.

That was true for the PS4, and will be true for the PS5 as well.

I don't no if that's entirely true. Since the switch released Nintendo have released games in a very wide variety of genres.

Breath of the wild- openworld Action/adventure 

1-2 switch, mario party, clubhouse- party game

Mario kart 8 D- kart racer

Arms, pokken- 3d fighting game

Splatoon 2- multiplayer 3rd person shooter

Mario + rabbids + fire emblem- turn based tactical rpg

Fire emblem + hyrule warriors + marvel ultimate alliance- hack and slash action rpg

Mario odyssey- 3d platformer

Snipperclips, brain age- puzzle game

Xenoblade 1+2- Action RPG

Bayonetta 2, astral chain- Action adventure hack and slash

Yoshi, Kirby, dkc, nsmb- 2d platformer

Labo sets- toys to life 

Sushi striker, good job- Action puzzle

Mario tennis- sports

Captain toad- puzzle platformer

Pokemon let's go + sw/sh, tokyo mirage- turn based rpg

Smash- 2d fighter

Mario maker 2- platformer level creator

Tetris 99- battle royal puzzle game

Links awakening- top down Action adventure

Ring fit- fitness rpg

Luigis mansion 3- survival horror (only 1/2 joking)

Pokemon mystery dungeon- roguelike

Animal crossing- life sim 

Cadence of hyrule- rogue like rhythm game

Sony since the switch released in 2017

Gran turismo- racing

Gravity rush 2- Action adventure puzzle

Horizon zero dawn, spider man, death stranding- open world action adventure

Knack 2- 3d platformer 

Astro bot- vr 3d platformer

MLB series, everybody golf- sport

hidden agenda, shadow of the collosus, concrete genie- Action adventure

God of war- Action adventure hack and slash

Uncharted- Action adventure tps

Wipeout- futuristic racer

Drawn to death- third person shooter

Far point- vr fps

Knowledge is power, singstar, that's you- party

Detroit- adventure

Firwall, blood and truth- fps

Inpatient- horror

Dreams- game creator

Days gone- open world survival horror

Last of us 2- horror action adventure

I cheated a little for Sony because a lot of there games are just labelled action adventure. So I tried to split them up a little. Also I added some games released just before the switch released

Overall we have Nintendo representing 26 genres and Sony with 19. Honestly both are very impressive numbers.

These lists are only representative of the last 3 years on the ps4 and switch. Overall they seem to cover a lot of genres that the other doesn't.